Performance Assessment of Kinematic GNSS Positioning with Smartphones Based on Post-Processing of Raw Observations

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In recent years, there have been significant technological advances in the development of common mobile devices. This brought progress also in the area of positioning with these devices. Allowing access to raw GNSS observations recorded by mobile devices opened possibilities to apply advanced positioning techniques in order to achieve higher positioning accuracy. The paper describes the results of kinematic measurements of a single-frequency Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphone and a dual-frequency Samsung Galaxy Note10+ smartphone. Observations were repeatedly collected at a 1.76 km long test route in an urban environment at a pedestrian speed. Real-time positioning by autonomous method as well as collection of raw observations into RINEX format and their subsequent post-processing by differential techniques and Precise Point Positioning technique were realized. The achieved results were compared against a reference line representing the real trajectory and also against results of a geodetic grade GNSS receiver. Positioning accuracy of mobile devices ranged from the first decimetres to tens of metres, depending on the environment, tested smartphone and used post-processing technique. Dual-frequency smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ provided a better performance compared to the single-frequency device. Real-time positioning based on a simple autonomous technique and smoothing algorithm for route optimization reached lower positioning errors compared to all solutions based on collecting raw observations and their consequent post-processing with mentioned techniques.

Keywords: GNSS; Positioning; Post-processing; Smartphone.

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HALAJ, M., & KAČMAŘÍK, M. (2022). Performance Assessment of Kinematic GNSS Positioning with Smartphones Based on Post-Processing of Raw Observations. GeoScience Engineering, 68(2), 178–194.
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