Extracts of Cement Composites Based on Recycled Glass

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This article presents the results of extracts of recycled photovoltaic glass and cement composites, in which 100 % of natural aggregates were replaced with recycled photovoltaic glass in various fractions. Test specimens in the shape of a cylinder with a diameter and height of 40 x 40 mm were prepared according to the designed recipes R1 to R5. The R0 recipe was a comparative one without the replacement of natural aggregates. The test specimens were stored in a water bath for 28 days. The test specimens together with the recycled glass fr. 0/10 mm were subsequently subjected to extract tests according to Decree No. 294/2005 Coll. The incorporation of photovoltaic glass into the cement matrix has significantly reduced the content of selenium, molybdenum and cadmium. The concentrations of these toxic metals were reduced by 98.5 % in case of selenium, by 88.9 % in case of cadmium, and by 97.5 % in case of molybdenum.

Keywords: Cement; Glass; Photovoltaic panel; Recycling; Secondary raw material.

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MÁČALOVÁ, K., CHARVÁT, J., VÁCLAVÍK, V., & DVORSKÝ, T. (2022). Extracts of Cement Composites Based on Recycled Glass. GeoScience Engineering, 68(1), 16–21. https://doi.org/10.35180/gse-2022-0065
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