Homogeneous Magnetic Field Source for Attenuated Total Reflection

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Michal Lesňák
František Staněk
Jaromír Pištora
Jan Procházka


The paper is focused on the study of two-dimensional magnetic field distribution used for an analysis of samples containing magnetically active films by means of the Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) method. The design of a proposed electromagnet and the magnetic field model computation are presented together with the results obtained from magnetic field distribution measurement. The ATR method can provide information about a thin film thickness, refractive index, and attenuation in addition to the perfunctory coupling of an optical wave into and off a waveguide. The prism coupling conditions are determined for magnetic structures with induced anisotropy. The prism – a film coupler is located in the central cavity of a magnetic yoke. By current switching in the coils, we can change the amplitude and magnetic field direction in order to modulate the induced anisotropy in a thin film with magnetic ordering. By the in-plane modulation of the magnetization direction in the samples, we can change the rotation and elasticity of outgoing light.

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Lesňák, M., Staněk, F., Pištora, J., & Procházka, J. (2014). Homogeneous Magnetic Field Source for Attenuated Total Reflection. GeoScience Engineering, 60(2). Retrieved from http://geoscience.cz/ojs/index.php/GSE/article/view/24
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