Zooplankton from Can Giuoc River in Southern Vietnam

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Pham Anh Duc
Nguyen Thi Mai Linh
Dang My Thanh


In this study, the variables of zooplankton and water quality were investigated in Can Giuoc River, Southern Vietnam. Zooplankton were monitored in April and September 2015 at 5 sampling sites in the river. Some basic water quality parameters were also tested including pH, total suspended solid (TSS), dissolved oxygen (DO), biological oxygen demand (BOD5), inorganic nitrogen (NH4+), dissolved phosphorus (PO43-), and coliform. The zooplankton biodiversity indices were applied for water quality assessment.

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Duc, P. A., Linh, N. T. M., & Thanh, D. M. (2016). Zooplankton from Can Giuoc River in Southern Vietnam. GeoScience Engineering, 62(3), 27–33. Retrieved from http://geoscience.cz/ojs/index.php/GSE/article/view/126
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