Study of thermal analysis of cellulose fibres using into building materials

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Nadezda Stevulova
Viola Hospodarova
Adriana Estokova


This paper provides the investigation of thermal analysis of cellulose fibres which will be used into building materials as a partial filler replacement. Cellulosic fibres coming from two various sources; bleached wood pulp and unbleached waste paper whereas these natural fibres have different cellulose content and they have another manufacturing process. Natural fibres have been widely used as reinforcing fillers in composite materials in recent years. As a result, they are subjected to thermal degradation during composite processing. It is thus of practical significance to understand and predict the thermal decomposition process of natural fibres and the knowledge will help better design composite process and estimate the influence on composite properties by thermal decomposition of natural fibres. The results obtained from thermal analysis of cellulosic fibres showed differences in their thermal decomposition and also differences in the weight loss due to their chemo-mechanical treatments, presence impurities and CaCO3 originating from filler in paper making.

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Stevulova, N., Hospodarova, V., & Estokova, A. (2016). Study of thermal analysis of cellulose fibres using into building materials. GeoScience Engineering, 62(3), 18–21. Retrieved from
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